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Choose your 5 favorites minigames from Mario Party 8
Speedy Graffiti
Swing Kings
Water Ski Spree
Crank to Rank
At the Chomp Wash
Mosh-Pit Playroom
Mario Matrix
Lava or Leave 'Em
Rudder Madness
Sick and Twisted
Shake It Up
In the Nick of Time
Scooter Pursuit
Flip the Chimp
Alpine Assault
Treacherous Tightrope
Gun the Runner
Grabbin' Gold
Power Trip
Bob-ombs Away
Swervin' Skies
Picture Perfect
Snow Way Out
Thrash 'n' Crash
Chump Rope
Grabby Gridiron
Bumper Balloons
Rowed to Victory
Winner or Dinner
Paint Misbehavin'
Sugar Rush
King of the Thrill
Lean, Mean Ravine
Boo-ting Gallery
Crops 'n' Robbers
Aim of the Game
Cut from the Team
Snipe for the Picking
Saucer Swarm
Glacial Meltdown
Attention Grabber
Blazing Lassos
Wing and a Scare
Lob to Rob
Pumper Cars
Cosmic Slalom
Lava Lobbers
Loco Motives
Specter Inspector
Frozen Assets
Breakneck Building
Surf's Way Up
Balancing Act
Ion the Prize
You're the Bob-omb
Rotation Station
Settle It in Court
Pour to Score
Fruit Picker
Superstar Showdown
Star Carnival Bowling
Trial by Tile
Flagging Rights
Canyon Cruisers
Table Menace
Puzzle Pillars
Chomping Frenzy
Moped Mayhem